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Spectra Cypress

Located on Varthur Main Road, Whitefield, Bangalore; Spectra Cypress is a luxury condominium complex that exemplifies modern, contemporary & luxurious living at its absolute best. Designed to cater to the lifestyle requirements of the new age customer, Spectra Cypress boasts large duplexes on the ground level and duplex penthouses or sky villas at the 10th and 11th level. These residences are coupled with a whole host of amenities to cater to its community.


Duplex Homes


Spectra Cypress brings together the best of both worlds; a modern living experience in the city and a tropical planted environment that takes you closer to nature.

The residences in the project open up to large balconies and/or private terraces and gardens that provide great light and ventilation while visually connecting the inside and outside of a home. Smart and flexible spaces in the units also cater to the privacy of the residents.

The concept of sustainability was taken though by focusing on water and energy conservation. Extensive landscaping and recharge pits, reusing treated water, time and sensor based lighting were just some of the provisions made.

Amenities such as a clubhouse, gym, swimming pool, squash court, children’s play area and an indoor games area are the public spaces that complement the residences.

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Spectra Cypress



2 BHK, 3 BHK & 4 BHK Duplexes + Penthouses

Pragrup Architects +

CMSM / Praxis Inc.



Credai Care Awards 2013 | Finalist

Best Residential Dwelling (Above 1,500 Sq. ft.)

Spectra Cypress

“Spectra Cypress exemplifies modern, contemporary & luxurious living at it's absolute best.

The approach to design was to challenge the linearity of the site. This led to the scheme of seemingly slender towers placed in a sort of jig-saw format along the masterplan.


The front elevation was clad with glazing to add a level of modernity to the building and textured with ochre paint to resemble natural clay. In an attempt to break the monotony of the façade, cuts and bands were added to introduce a play on double heights at seemingly arbitrary junctures creating the perfect spaces for the addition of flora.


On the ground level, private gardens helped in visual enhancement at the pedestrian level by acting as a green wall. A neat, clean and modern entrance portal frame, structures the towers behind it and the placement of amenities such as the swimming pool, children’s play area and clubhouse in the far end creates movement through the masterplan.

"What resulted was a living experience ahead of the curve yet coherent with one's everyday needs.

Pragrup Architects + 

CMSM / Praxis Inc.


"Styling and Construction that takes your breath away.

Project Gallery

"A partnership with nature which helps you breathe easy.


"An enviable address that’s extremely

convenient too. 

Whitefield | Bangalore

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